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Water Capacity

Kankakee County, Illinois, has a nearly unlimited water supply by virtue of its proximity to the Kankakee River, which runs through the northeast portion of the county, as well as excellent water management by Aqua Illinois.

Aqua Illinois Statistics

The majority of our industrial and residential community is served by Aqua Illinois. Aqua’s service area includes City of Kankakee, villages of Aroma Park, Bourbonnais, Bradley, Grant Park, Limestone, Manteno and Sun River Terrace as well as portions of Kankakee, Aroma, Bourbonnais, Limestone, Otto, Rockville, St. Anne, Sumner, Yellowhead, Ganeer and Manteno townships.

  • The average flow that goes by the Kankakee Water Treatment plant is 4 billion gallons per day. Aqua pulls less than 0.003% of that flow.
  • The Joseph Donovan Water Treatment Plant is capable of delivering 30 million gallons per day (MGD) of water.  Average is approximately 12 MGD.

Aqua Illinois Investments

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2017-2021 Kankakee County Projected Capital Investment $47,518,000