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Kankakee County offers a wide range of single family homes – historic to new build – at affordable prices. Multifamily options also are available.

Given our community’s rapid industrial growth, it has been a strategic priority of the Economic Alliance to facilitate the development of alternative housing options, including market-rate multifamily with amenities. Results from a residential housing analysis administered by Tracy Cross & Associates, Inc. in late 2022 found the opportunity for new residential development over the next several years in Kankakee County is viewed as STRONG.

Future residential development potentials throughout Kankakee County, and areas in and around Kankakee, Bradley, Bourbonnais, and Manteno in particular, are well suited for new market rate residential development over the next 5+ years, including rental apartments and various forms of conventional for-sale housing.

Tracy Cross & Associates, Inc. President and CEO Erik Doersching presented the findings at the Q1 2023 Economic Alliance Board of Directors meeting. View Doersching’s presentation here.

Executive Summary: Kankakee County Residential Market Analysis

Full Report: Residential Market Analysis by Tracy Cross & Associates, Inc.

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