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View Now: Kankakee River Watershed Conference

The Kankakee River runs through the heart of Kankakee County and is a tributary of the Illinois River, running approximately 133 miles long through Indiana and Illinois. The Kankakee River State Park encompasses both sides of the Kankakee River for 11 miles and consists of approximately 4,000 acres. Since 2016, the entire length of this beautiful river has been designated as a National Water Trail. Anglers, canoeists, hunters, campers, hikers, bicyclers and other outdoor enthusiasts find the park’s recreational opportunities unsurpassed.

The Kankakee River Watershed Conference held in March, 2023 discussed how local communities and statewide efforts are working to ensure the area’s greatest asset is protected. Key topics including water quantity and quality, biodiversity, nutrients and agriculture, river recreation, watershed initiatives, and sand and sediment were discussed.

Click to view a recording of the Kankakee River Watershed Conference March, 2023.