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Strong Energy-Related Assets a Draw to Illinois

In it’s commitment to stimulate economic growth across Illinois, ComEd shares the forward momentum left from a successful 2021 – which saw 16 new business projects coming to the region, that will generate $3 billion+ in investment and over 4,700 new jobs.

ComEd Economic Development Factsheet – December 2021

Northern Illinois offers new and existing businesses a host of strong energy-related assets, including low and stable power prices, industry-leading reliability, clean energy options, and more:

  • Low & Stable Power Prices: Illinois’ energy prices are below the US national average, are the second lowest in the Midwest, and have seen the second smallest increase in the nation since 1997, when Illinois’ electricity sector was deregulated.
  • Sustainability & Clean Energy: Illinois ranks as 6th most carbon-free generation in the country and 6th highest for installed wind capacity. Further, through Illinois’ competitive energy market, customers have access to 100% renewable and clean power options. In addition, ComEd also provide solar rebates for customers and supporting the electrification of the transportation sector to increase societal sustainability.  More information available at www.comed.com/customerchoicewww.comed.com/solar and www.comed.com/EV.
  • Industry-Leading Reliability: Over the last decade, ComEd has invested billions to modernize the grid and install smart/digital infrastructure. This has led to industry-leading reliability performance, finishing best in class amongst peer utilities, and in the top decile nationally for fewest customer interruptions. These investments have avoided over 16 million customer interruptions since 2012.
  • Additional Considerations: Northern Illinois also has a numerous other benefits, including one of the nation’s largest energy efficiency programs that have saved customers over $6 billion since 2008 which offer business customers over $170M in annual incentives, plus an innovative line-extension program (Rider DE) to reduce upfront costs on grid expansion work for qualifying new large customers; as well as workforce development programs to help build a strong and diverse talent pipeline prepared to take on highly specialized jobs across key industries.. More info available at www.comed.com/bizincentives and www.comed.com/WFD.