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“Powership” author kicks off Manufacturing Month at KCC

Business strategist, IMPACTinsights founder and author of POWERSHIP, Kathie Topel will kick of Kankakee Community College’s National Manufacturing Month activities with an address to local business leaders on Wednesday, October 1, 2014. The presentation will be held in the Iroquois Room from 4:30-5:30 p.m.  The event is being offered free of charge, but registration is required by calling 815-802-8207 by September 26.
Kathie is a proven authority in corporate organizational change strategies, providing financial balance, strategic growth and company-wide motivation within the IT, consulting, manufacturing, airline, logistics, automotive and supply chain industries. Her client roster includes nationally recognized brands and corporations, including United Airlines, McDonald’s, Kraft Foods, Johnson Controls, Horace Mann and Cabot Microelectronics.
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In this session, Kathie will address “Game Changer Leadership:” A Framework for Synergy, Simplicity and Success.

From the Author:
Mission, Vision, Process, Technology, Innovation, Collaboration, Dashboards, Accountability, Social Media, Product Delivery, Mobility, Client Satisfaction, Idea Generation, Workforce Development, and the list goes on. The role of the Leader in today’s global marketplace is filled with complementary and conflicting ideas, thoughts, theories and opinions that are changing faster than ever before. This rapid change is a testimonial to the world’s ability to communicate knowledge and share ideas at a ferocious rate. If we, as leaders, do not keep up with this pace, we will not be able to bring maximum value to the business and will get leap frogged by our competition.
This leadership challenge is not going to stop! We need to evolve into a role where we not only grow our ability to lead in a way that supports the fast pace of change, but will also grow the ability of each and every individual to lead in the competitive and chaotic global market. It is no longer acceptable to be a leader at the top. We need to become Game Changer Leaders. We categorize this leadership as Game Changer when we encourage everyone to lead as if they are an individual entrepreneur and the corporation is their own individual business. A Game Changer leader must foster engagement, passion, and ownership, while setting expectations of team responsibility, delivery of results and dedication to the success of the corporate mission and vision. When this happens, unprecedented results occur.
If this sounds like a tall order you are not alone. This session will share a Game Changer Framework that takes a large assortment of ideas and draws them together into one picture. It takes what seems like chaos and creates clarity with simplicity everyone can understand. This framework fosters unbelievable results from the most unexpected individuals. It will provide each and every participant with a new way to think about their role in strategy execution for achieving Synergy through Simplicity, for Success now and into the future.