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Just released: THRIVE 2022/2023

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Kankakee County’s greatest strength is the ability to thrive given any situation.  Capital improvements and infrastructure projects are underway; global, national, and local shareholders have pinned Kankakee County as a place to invest, employers are expanding and hiring, and new jobs are being created.

Thanks to our robust educational systems, our multitude of employers, our variety of community organizations, and our industry diversity, we are seeing economic growth in substantial metrics.

  • Ranked #5 among manufacturing hubs for small communities by Business Facilities magazine.
  • Cost of living index at 85.2%, 14.8% below the national average.
  • Average weekly wages increased 27% in five years.
  • Housing permits for 2021 increased to highest point since 2008.
  • State infused multi-million-dollar broadband initiative underway to acquire county-wide broadband resources.

THRIVE magazine encompasses these stories that make Kankakee County an economic beacon to the region.