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Crown named 2023 Innovator in Manufacturing

Crown Cork in Bradley produces 6 MILLION CANS A DAY – equating to 2 BILLION CANS A YEAR.

The company prides itself on ‘The People and the Process’, allowing this well-oiled facility to claim the 2020 Most Improved Plant of the Year in the company, and employing more than 150 local residents.

Crown Holdings, Inc. is named the 2023 Innovator in Manufacturing by the Daily Journal for the 2023 Progress Awards.

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Tony Uranin, left, Crown plant superintendent, and Ray Garcia, human resources manager, stand in Crown’s manufacturing plant in Bradley. Crown is being honored as this year’s Innovator in Manufacturing as part of the Daily Journal’s 2023 Progress Awards. READ MORE. Photo courtesy: Daily Journal/Tiffany Blanchette